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Paragleiter in the Sunset

Flying is dream that humanity dreamed for millennia. For me this dream is now coming true, as I started my training to become a para-glider pilot. Paragliding is in my opinion one of the purest form of flying possible for a human being, but for sure the cheapest. There is no engine or cockpit, no rigid wings or wheels, just you some cloth and a lot of linen, add a helm and you are good to go. Airfields are also not needed, you have to follow rules, but starting on a mountain and landing in the value is as pure as it gets.

The training to become a pilot consist of multiple steps. You start with a basic workshop which contains the theory and practical training on a small slope. Flights in low heights are possible on this nursery slope to learn all the basic flight maneuvers. When you are solid with starting and landing it is time for your first high aviation flight, where the start and landing point are already separated by a few hundred meter. For this first flights instructors at the start and landing points give you instructions during your pulsating ride through the air, using a walkie-talkie. 

After a few high aviation flights, it is time for the first test, to get you school license, which with you can accumulate more flights on the training grounds of your school, or even other schools, but still always with consultation of a trainer. After 50 flights it is time for a last pilot training workshop and your test for the pilot license!

My journey at this path, is still quite at the beginning. Fourteen high aviation flights in my back, and the school licenses test planned for next week I was already able to savor the thrill and peace of this sport, but also know that a lot of training lies ahead of me.

We made a little video, to show you my first clumsy steps into the sky, to my first humble achievements and the first breathtaking moments.

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Flugschule Kilb – Kilb Kettenreith – https://www.flugschule-kilb.at