About us

Zephyr - who we are and what we do

“ZEPHYR (also Zephyros” Zephir “or Zephyrus, ancient Greek Ζέφυρος, the one coming from the mountains‘) is one of the Anemoi, a wind deity from Greek mythology who embodies the (mild) west wind “

For us it is an attitude towards life, an urge that regularly pulls us into the distance and to which we are very happy to give in. There is hardly an area in the world that we are not interested in and that we do not want to explore.


Profile: Michaela & Michael Brandl

Age: We are older than we look, feel younger than we are and live every day as if it were our last.

Homebase: Austria, Pressbaum – near to Vienna

We have been a couple for over 20 years, married for more than 15 years and still best friends. We love to get to know new countries, cultures and people. Yes that sounds a bit trite and used 1000 times, but that’s how it is. We have quite different ideas about vacation, but we always manage to get their money’s worth and say that we are “unfortunately great”.

Michaela is a freelance photographer, especially for portraits and weddings, which has already brought us to some exciting destinations.

Michael works in the IT industry, that’s all you need to say anyway.

With our blog we want to take you into different areas, countries and cultures and offer you a little insight. We will be happy to give you recommendations for tours, guides and less well-known spots to make your own trip more exciting. We also like to test restaurants and hotels, so you will find recommendations for this too. And last but not least, we are happy to give you tips for cool climbing spots that we find on our trips.


From time to time we don’t travel alone, and three of our friends have proven to be particularly good travel buddies. You will often see them in photos and in our videos, so we are happy to introduce them by name.  Thank you for traveling and for having great trips with us. I hope we will have together new adventures soon.