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Ötscher – Rauher Kamm


The Ötscher is a 1893m high mountain in the southwest of Lower Austria. It is isolated, and therefor visible from 100km distance. For me it’s a kind of Hausberg, as it is the nearest real mountain to my city, and it allows me a beautiful hike with alpine character, stunning views and also provides a fitness check.

View of the Ötscher over the Rauher Kamm
View of the Ötscher over the Rauher Kamm

I often ascend the Ötscher using the route over the Rauher Kamm, with the Start in Lackenhof (alternative Raneck). Distance for this route is 16km and altitude difference 1068m.

About half of the ascent is still in the forest, before you come to the ridge of the mountain to finish the last 430m of height.
The climb is grade with 1, so not really difficult, but it can be dangerous.
Unfortunately there a recurring tragic accidents, and the climb should not be underestimated.
The stone is very slippery when wet, and fog/clouds often cover the mountain. So sure-footed and free from giddiness is an absolute must. (There are bolts to belay people if necessary)

The Crossing before the start of the Rauher Kamm route
The Crossing before the start of the Rauher Kamm route

Little Remark: As the descent follows a very steep forest road, which can be quiet wearing, many uses the ski lift to get back down to Lackenhof.

The GPX Track at the End shows my personal record for the round, and I am quite happy with ~3h45min
On the day I shot the video, it took me about 6h30min. Because of this I sometimes decide to leave all camera equipment at home, just me and nature!

Distance:  16km
Ascent:  1068m
Time-effort (Roundtrip):  4-8h (1h for the via ferrata), early starts recommended
For Children/Dogs:  NO
Official Difficult Rating UIIA 1
Remark Can be crowded on weekends

By Michael