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Hohe Wand – Gebirgsvereinssteig

Hohe Wand which translate to High Wall is a great spot for little adventures in the afternoon and to flee the city for some nature.

Located south of Vienna the Hohe Wand is already visible from far, with it’s wall height from 392m and a length of 8km. It features a lot of hiking trails, multiple climbing gardens for sport climbing, as well as multi pitch climbing roots and also some via ferratas.

Gebirgsvereinssteig is the via ferrata we chose to climb on a cloudy and chilly November afternoon. The weather on the day before would have been a blast, with sun during the whole day, but the weather and your personal calendar doesn’t always fit together. The weather forecast was still stable, and fewer people would be on the wall. Which was a plus, because we wanted to film a little bit and don’t disturb any other climbers.

We started at the guest house Seiser Toni in Grünberg am Schneeberg, from where you have to hike about 15-30 minutes to the start of the via ferrata. We were greeted by some chamois, which can be found together with ibexes over the whole area. They jumped around above our heads, and threw rocks at us while we geared up. Putting on your helmet first and already before you come close to a rock wall is always a good idea!

The climb offers walls with dizzy heights, a ropeway, some traverses and a steel rope ladder. It’s the full package you want from a via ferrata. The view is staggering, even on our cloudy day it was a beautiful view from the top and already during the climb.

After we reached the top, we hold north to the Hubertushaus from where we the Springlessteig leads back down to the start. We reached the car at sunset, a little bit cold (from the pauses caused by the filming) but refreshed, happy and hungry 😉



Distance:  ~3.5km
Ascent:  354m
Time-effort (Roundtrip):  2-4h (1h for the via ferrata)
For Children (Baby buggy included):  NO
Official Difficult Rating for via Ferrata D
Remark Can be crowded on weekends


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