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Lunz am See

A very nice tour in lower austria, especially for photographers, is the way from “Lunz am See” to “Mittersee” and forward to “Obersee”. Sounds self-explanatory.

The tour starts very easy and flat and goes via crushed rock roads up to the second lake. At the beginning of the “Mittersee” is an old dam behind a fence, but the door is open and there is also no warning or forbidden shield, so we went in and used the small dam as a photospot. You get a great view over the water, and your are immersed in the scenery.

The crushed rock road continues upward the montain to the “Obersee”. This lake has a very swampy area arround. So if you look for the best spot, a second pair of socks could be useful.

The water of both lakes is very green and olive, and the “Obersee” has a wide range of sea weed around, so its a bit tricky to take pictures but I’m quiet sure you will find the best place.
We used a Manfrotto Tripod and the Tamron 24-70mm lense, it was one of our first landscape tours, so we recognize that we need to organize some further stuff, like a landscape lense and some filters. We will upgrade our gear and refer in the next posts about the new stuff.

Distance:  20,7km
Ascent: 558m
Time Effort: 6h
For Children (Baby buggy included): Yes
Our personal difficulty evaluation: Medium


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